No Spoony Bards Here

The Final Fantasy series of games have been around as long as I’ve been playing video games, and I have been playing them for just as long. The first game in the series was one of my first, if not the first, traditional RPG video game I ever played. I definitely remember it was the […]

(Still) Stayin’ Alive

I was born in 1977, just when disco was starting to become the biggest music and fashion vibe of the world. Sure you, had the original Star Wars debut in May of that year, but I never became a fan of the series. And as an infant and toddler I had no exposure to movies […]

That’s *Magic* Emperor Ghaleon

Since the NES days I’ve been a fan of role playing games; buy weapons, fight monsters, level up, etc. I’m a sucker for level grinding and acquiring every piece of power up I possibly can. There are dozens of games I’ve played since the 8-bit days that have been favorites of mine: Shining Force, Chrono […]

Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing

My taste in music has rarely been mainstream. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate what’s on the radio from time to time. However, the advent of internet radio, and Napster, forever changed how I would not only listen to music but what I listened to. Tastes in music come and go. Trends and fads […]

Video Gaming Has Come a Long Way

As a kid, video games were nothing more than mild amusement for families, treated as something more like a novelty. This, of course, was more a limit of the technology at the time than anything else, but also in the 1980s video games were barely around for 20 years. Music was minimal at best, with […]