Repent! Repent! The End is Nigh!

What a year it’s been. I won’t bore you with the details but it had highs and lows beyond comparison. Saw The World This past year was all about travel. Get it in while we don’t have any children to keep the complications to a minimum. And boy, did we deliver. Osaka and Kyoto, Japan […]

Brinkmanship: Destination Syria

It’s been quite the busy summer for Syria and it’s civil war. A near stalemate of the past year suddenly becomes unimportant when chemical weapons were recently proved to have been used. The ante just shot up with the UN, United States, and Russia chest puffing and bicep flexing. This game of brinkmanship is all […]

So long, Ahmadinejad! No Tears Shed.

Considering Iran’s elections are hardly democratic by nature, the best possible outcome of all the presidential candidates was to have the most moderate one be elected. Thankfully, that’s exactly happened. Considering the massive fallout from 2009’s election and seemingly alleged (more like, “pretty sure it happened”) vote-rigging, we should be pleased that this time around […]

Why So Syria?

Just in case you aren’t getting the reference above, this page will shed light on it for you. So, Syria, the c-c-c-combo breaker of the Arab Spring of 2011. Lybia almost took that title, but thankfully it only lasted a few months. This stalemate between al-Assad’s regime and the “rebels”, as the country’s government likes to […]