I Am A Survivor

(Originally published June 9, 2013) No, not the Christina Aguilera song lyrics, but from the infestation horde of zombies. The genre of survival horror generally, and zombie apocalypse specifically, is very hot these days. Everything from video games to movies to t.v. series have their foot in it. For the most part, it’s a very […]

SAML Not So Simple

(Originally published June 7, 2013) Like most of my adult programming life, all of the major languages or platforms I’ve learned have been due to amust have it yesterday deadline by other managers. Or an emergency project that no one expected (like the Spanish Inquistion). Never a best scenario plan but ultimately what happens a lot […]

One Bad-Ass Mudder

(Originally published June 4, 2013) I love obstacle courses. Ninja Warrior (known asSasuke in Japan) is the most obvious pop culture reference that comes to mind, and I would love to tackle that event. But, there are perfectly acceptable substitutes for getting my adrenaline masochistic rocks off. I do all the main ones, like Warrior Dash, Run […]

When Fandoms Collide

(Originally published June 3, 2013) I’m a “retired” cosplayer (what that really means who knows) in most respects, but on occasion I will attend a convention for a day to let out a little fandom steam. Wizard World Philly being one of two that I usually hit up each year now, they have done a […]

First Big Adventure

(Originally posted May 29, 2013) What better way to begin documenting my life than by getting married. It was crazy, borderline madness, at times. One really isn’t prepared for the undertaking until one is truly having it happen to them. Married to my love of the past three years, she complements me in every respect. […]