Fandom Imitates Life

I am trying to accomplish two things with my new lease on world travel. The first is visit as many archeological monuments around the world as possible; the older the better.  The second is to take at least one picture from every destination dressed as one of my favorite video game characters, Nathan Drake. There’s […]

Of Christians and Muslims

I’m not a big fan of organized religion. I had to go to mass every Sunday until I turned 18, and never looked back. It never clicked with me despite my many attempts to have faith. This does not mean I am against it or find it worthless, far from it. It’s a critical facet […]

Brinkmanship: Destination Syria

It’s been quite the busy summer for Syria and it’s civil war. A near stalemate of the past year suddenly becomes unimportant when chemical weapons were recently proved to have been used. The ante just shot up with the UN, United States, and Russia chest puffing and bicep flexing. This game of brinkmanship is all […]