Obstacle Run Review: ABF Mud Run

This is the first in a series of reviews I’ll be doing for all my obstacle runs. Having completed over a dozen in the past 3 years I know what is good, bad, and ugly about them. While I hope these reviews provide knowledge for others who may be curious but unsure of taking that […]

You’re The Least Talented Rat in Your Whole Pack of Rodents

The internet can produce some extremely amusing content, and Youtube is the nexus of much of this content. Anyone with a cellphone, webcam, or video recorder and some basic editing skills can put up pretty much anything online to amuse others. From opinions to commentary to reviews, you could spend months on end finding stuff […]

A Tribute to the Ladies

While not nearly as awesome or innuendo-filled as Flight of the Conchords have expressed it, I owe a large amount of who I am to the female authority figures in my life. This isn’t to say my life would have been aimless or wasted without them, but I’ve had a rather successive streak of influential […]

Video Gaming Has Come a Long Way

As a kid, video games were nothing more than mild amusement for families, treated as something more like a novelty. This, of course, was more a limit of the technology at the time than anything else, but also in the 1980s video games were barely around for 20 years. Music was minimal at best, with […]

Man in Tights

I am a cosplayer. Or, rather, was. Though I’ve essentially retired from the scene in general, and making/commissioning costumes in particular, there will always be some enthusiasm for it. The extend of my fulfillment these days is Wizard World Philly for a Saturday afternoon. The biggest reason being is it’s an expensive hobby by most […]

Roll For Survival

Post-apocalypse video games, tv series and movies, and comics are great forms of escapism. Whether or not it involves zombies is more of a preference but ultimately only adds an element of horror to any already horrible situation. Anyone who partakes in this genre is outright lying if they say they never thought about how […]

Game Review: The Last of Us

I am a zombie genre fan, no question. The Walking Dead being the most recent, and most popular, take on a post-apocalypse outbreak really roped me in. While there are decades of movies and video games devoted to this universe I was only mildly interested in them (all due respect to George Romero and Capcom’s […]