Passing Custom Attributes to SP

I’m familiar enough with using SAML (the PHP variant) to get a basic setup done, but the most recent setup was a doozy. The client required custom attributes to be passed to them, which means I needed to take the fields from our LDAP and replace them accordingly. There may be an easier way to […]

They Were the Best of Times, They Were the Bestest of Times

I’m out here in San Fran for a few days to meet my new employer and coworkers since I work remotely from the Atlantic side of the country. Last night I was fortunate enough to meet up with some old coworkers from my first real job after college who live out here. It’s been 12.5 […]


I love JavaScript frameworks. Coming from a time when you had to code uniquely for IE (document.all) and Netscape (document.layers) most (including me) just did it for IE. Also, many of us were just learning about JS via the highly recommended Peachpit books, so we copied but didn’t understand. This was the late 1990s when […]

SAML Not So Simple

(Originally published June 7, 2013) Like most of my adult programming life, all of the major languages or platforms I’ve learned have been due to amust have it yesterday deadline by other managers. Or an emergency project that no one expected (like the Spanish Inquistion). Never a best scenario plan but ultimately what happens a lot […]