Genesis Did, Does, and Always Will

Few things about my childhood remain so fervently strong in my memories as video games. And the crowning neuron among all those synapses is my affection for the SEGA Genesis. To try and explain it in words is difficult because from 1991 to 1993 I had so many memories and experiences during my formative teenage […]

Keep It Classy

Like many interests I’ve taken in  my life, video games have been an influence in them in some capacity. So, when I started taking boxing a few months ago no exception was made. Another big reason is that a few friends have also been taking this sport for some time and I was bring impressed […]

Get Lose. You Can’t Compare To My Powers

There is one great constant in video games that I will never get tired of. It transcends console specs, controllers, and all other genres of games that dear to my heart. That is fighting games in general, and Street Fighter in particular. No other series have I sunk more time, energy, and money into than […]