Repent! Repent! The End is Nigh!

What a year it’s been. I won’t bore you with the details but it had highs and lows beyond comparison. Saw The World This past year was all about travel. Get it in while we don’t have any children to keep the complications to a minimum. And boy, did we deliver. Osaka and Kyoto, Japan […]

Genesis Did, Does, and Always Will

Few things about my childhood remain so fervently strong in my memories as video games. And the crowning neuron among all those synapses is my affection for the SEGA Genesis. To try and explain it in words is difficult because from 1991 to 1993 I had so many memories and experiences during my formative teenage […]

Games I Love – God of War

I purchased the original game as an afterthought. Back in 2005 I had purchased Red Ninja: End of Honor for PS2 on the assumption that it would be another great ninja stealth game in the vein of Tenchu (another series I will talk about). I was greatly disappointed in the game’s overall mechanics so I returned […]

No Spoony Bards Here

The Final Fantasy series of games have been around as long as I’ve been playing video games, and I have been playing them for just as long. The first game in the series was one of my first, if not the first, traditional RPG video game I ever played. I definitely remember it was the […]

(Still) Stayin’ Alive

I was born in 1977, just when disco was starting to become the biggest music and fashion vibe of the world. Sure you, had the original Star Wars debut in May of that year, but I never became a fan of the series. And as an infant and toddler I had no exposure to movies […]

That’s *Magic* Emperor Ghaleon

Since the NES days I’ve been a fan of role playing games; buy weapons, fight monsters, level up, etc. I’m a sucker for level grinding and acquiring every piece of power up I possibly can. There are dozens of games I’ve played since the 8-bit days that have been favorites of mine: Shining Force, Chrono […]

Passing Custom Attributes to SP

I’m familiar enough with using SAML (the PHP variant) to get a basic setup done, but the most recent setup was a doozy. The client required custom attributes to be passed to them, which means I needed to take the fields from our LDAP and replace them accordingly. There may be an easier way to […]

Keep It Classy

Like many interests I’ve taken in  my life, video games have been an influence in them in some capacity. So, when I started taking boxing a few months ago no exception was made. Another big reason is that a few friends have also been taking this sport for some time and I was bring impressed […]

That Killer Feeling

Everyone clings to something that, long past its limelight and hype, we ardently believe it will make a comeback one day. That faint glimmer of hope that it’s not truly dead or relegated to the past tense permanently. While my desire to see Crystal Pepsi is most certainly not going to happen, my wish to […]

Vicariously Living Through Nathan Drake

Up until recently, video game characters were principally avatars of fantasy worlds and imagination. This is all well and good and the most fundamental foundation for what makes video games so great. Then, the “Uncharted” game series came out and I was instantly attached to him and his world which is exactly like our own […]