They Were the Best of Times, They Were the Bestest of Times

I’m out here in San Fran for a few days to meet my new employer and coworkers since I work remotely from the Atlantic side of the country. Last night I was fortunate enough to meet up with some old coworkers from my first real job after college who live out here. It’s been 12.5 […]

Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing

My taste in music has rarely been mainstream. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate what’s on the radio from time to time. However, the advent of internet radio, and Napster, forever changed how I would not only listen to music but what I listened to. Tastes in music come and go. Trends and fads […]

Fandom Imitates Life

I am trying to accomplish two things with my new lease on world travel. The first is visit as many archeological monuments around the world as possible; the older the better.  The second is to take at least one picture from every destination dressed as one of my favorite video game characters, Nathan Drake. There’s […]

Of Christians and Muslims

I’m not a big fan of organized religion. I had to go to mass every Sunday until I turned 18, and never looked back. It never clicked with me despite my many attempts to have faith. This does not mean I am against it or find it worthless, far from it. It’s a critical facet […]

Brinkmanship: Destination Syria

It’s been quite the busy summer for Syria and it’s civil war. A near stalemate of the past year suddenly becomes unimportant when chemical weapons were recently proved to have been used. The ante just shot up with the UN, United States, and Russia chest puffing and bicep flexing. This game of brinkmanship is all […]

Game Review: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

I’m hardly a kart racer fan, this being the second one I ever bought; the first being Mario Kart Wii. However, the big difference between the former I acquired after listening to the soundtracks from the game randomly. While Mario Kart’s characters, stages and music all bore the series’ trademark look and feel, the Sonic […]

Get Lose. You Can’t Compare To My Powers

There is one great constant in video games that I will never get tired of. It transcends console specs, controllers, and all other genres of games that dear to my heart. That is fighting games in general, and Street Fighter in particular. No other series have I sunk more time, energy, and money into than […]

Obstacle Run Review: ABF Mud Run

This is the first in a series of reviews I’ll be doing for all my obstacle runs. Having completed over a dozen in the past 3 years I know what is good, bad, and ugly about them. While I hope these reviews provide knowledge for others who may be curious but unsure of taking that […]

You’re The Least Talented Rat in Your Whole Pack of Rodents

The internet can produce some extremely amusing content, and Youtube is the nexus of much of this content. Anyone with a cellphone, webcam, or video recorder and some basic editing skills can put up pretty much anything online to amuse others. From opinions to commentary to reviews, you could spend months on end finding stuff […]